I love to eat. I believe food is one of life's great pleasures. I also believe food you love can also be food that loves you back. But we are bombarded by information (some of it great; some of it nonsense) about how to eat well. 

In my talks I cut through the confusion and help audiences develop the confidence to become naturally healthy eaters. I deliver a message of reassurance; that eating to be healthy is easy, not difficult. It's all about carrots and cupcakes. I also speak on food and nutrition in the media for industry and public health groups. 

I am available to speak at your event, dinner, conference or seminar. I can tailor a talk to your event and audience, so contact me  or my agent for a chat. 

TEDx talk

I was very lucky to give a talk at TEDx Queenstown last year. "Carrots and cupcakes: all you need to know about healthy eating" is all about my philosophy on eating well. You can watch it here

Some other recent talk topics: 

Diet, not diets: eating well in a busy world
We've never been more surrounded by advice about healthy eating than we are right now. And we've never been more confused about what to eat. A guide for everyone interested in wellness on what we know about healthy eating. (Hint: it's not that hard!)

Eat better, earn more!
Research has shown people who eat healthily are 25% more likely to be more productive. Niki explores the proven links between healthy eating and performance  - and looks beyond the fads to share the simple secrets you need to know to make eating well your secret weapon for sales and business success. 

Nutrition in the Media: the good, the bad and the weird
These days anyone with a story and a bit of social media savvy can be a nutrition expert. What's the state of the nation when it comes to messages about healthy eating and nutrition in all areas of media - and how true experts can cut through above the noise. 

How to drive consumers crazy
Noticed that 'paleo friendly' sticker on your muesli? What about 'no refined sugar'; 'natural' or 'wholefood'? What do these claims mean? Do they mean anything? A guide for food marketers on how to get real about what you say about your product (and how to not drive consumers crazy). 




Nice things people have said: 

“It was an absolute pleasure to have Niki as keynote speaker for the Potatoes NZ biennial conference. Her talk 'Do potatoes have an image problem?'  was very well received by growers, agronomists, business managers, suppliers and sponsors alike. Niki has a fantastic ability to engage a wide variety of audiences and build interest in the importance of consumer engagement. Niki was the consummate professional in moderating the panel discussion of the Marketing & Growth stream. Her knowledge, insight and sharp mind provoked stimulating discussions amongst conference attendees.”

Steve Sheppard, Engagement & Communications Manager Potatoes NZ Inc.

“Thank you Niki for capturing the breadth and wealth of key messages in your closing address at Working Together – Inspiring Change, the 7th Activity and Nutrition Aotearoa conference (2017).  You have a wonderful ability to turn complex ideas into meaningful, thoughtful, easy to understand messages for your target audience.  The conference participants were left feeling encouraged, were reminded what some of the big ideas were and with some directions for the future - thank you. ”

- Siobhan Molloy, Executive Director, Activity and Nutrition Aotearoa (ANA)

"To ensure our first major wellbeing conference was a success, it was critical to convene a group of quality speakers that could talk to a wide range of subjects and engage a critical and informed audience. Niki was an outstanding part of our line up, pitching her fabulous content in just the right way for our corporate audience, and specifically so that everyone would be able take something away that would change the way they think about nutrition. The post-event feedback on Niki’s presentation was excellent."

- Chris Watney, Head of Product & Marketing, Southern Cross

"The Queenstown Chamber of Commerce had the pleasure of having Niki speak at one of the Chamber’s 2016 major events. Niki’s inspirational and informative presentation around ‘Healthy Eating Made Easy’ was humorous and provided delegates with relevant messaging and easy tips on how to improve their quality of life through healthy eating and lifestyle.  We appreciated her vibrancy and motivational presentation as well as her authentic presence".

 - Ann Lockhart, CEO, Queenstown Chamber of Commerce