I've written thousands of recipes and probably millions of words about food in my career. 

I am founding editor of Healthy Food Guide magazine, where I continue to contribute recipes, features, columns, videos and blogs in my role as editor at large. 

I'm currently writing features for the Herald on Sunday; the most recent ones are here (the truth about sugar) and here (inside the health food aisle).  

I write a regular blog for Potatoes NZ - see the latest here

I've authored two recipe books, The Beach House Cook Book and Eating In



I publish regular columns and blogs in newspaper, magazine, web and social media. I'm good at translating complex, scientific stuff into messages that are easy for people to understand. People tell me they like my reassuring, commonsense messages about food and healthy eating. 

I write a weekly column for the Herald on Sunday, which can also be found online

I blog for Healthy Food Guide here, and write a column in the print magazine as editor at large. I also appear in the Healthy Food Guide TV show on Choice TV. 

And I comment on all sorts of things on my Facebook page, on TV and radio and from time to time on The Panel on RNZ. 

If you're after me for media comment or other contributions, please get in touch any time


Style & vintage

I have an interest in ethical fashion, vintage style and sewing. Here's a feature I wrote on this in the Herald on Sunday. I post pics of my vintage finds and sewing projects on Instagram