Other projects

I'm involved with a few other projects and groups; initiatives I think are meaningful and important. 


I'm a member of the Council of Directors of the True Health Initiative, a global coalition of people involved in health, set up to promote consensus on lifestyle as medicine. Basically: we know enough, right now, to reduce the risk for chronic disease and premature death by up to 80%. Let's stop arguing and get on and do it. 


I'm a proud ambassador for Garden to Table. This fantastic programme is designed to teach kids to grow, harvest, prepare and share good food, and thus instill in them a love of cooking and eating that sets them up for a lifetime. It's a powerful and simple idea with the potential to improve the health of the next generation. 


I'm immediate past President of Foodwriters NZ. This is the professional organisation for food communicators and anyone involved in associated fields. I believe it's really important for this community to share knowledge and ideas so we can keep learning, growing and developing our skills. 

If you'd like to talk to me about working together on a project or collaboration, please contact me; I'm all ears.