Join me in Japan:
June 2019 with World Expeditions

I've long been fascinated with the culture, and of course food, of Japan. It's home to one of the world's healthiest and longest-living populations, and what's more they don't just live long - they live well. 

I'm super excited to be hosting a group on a wonderful trip created by World Expeditions, to explore one of the world's 'blue zones': Okinawa, which has some of the oldest and healthiest people on the planet. We'll be exploring the practices, food and philosophy of the people and exploring the beautiful region, experiencing a little of this life-enhancing culture. 

The itinerary the World Expeditions team has put together is outstanding; as well as Okinawa we'll be spending time in Tokyo and Kyoto, experiencing temple life and forest bathing, cycling, swimming, meditating and of course lots and lots of eating. 

The trip will run from 22 June 2019. Find out all the details here at the World Expeditions website